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Chief Brand Officer

Job Description (English)

Accountable for the strategic directionfor all brands within AK Fashion Brands portfolio, find and deliver growthoptions for the brands at regional and international level, as well as planningand executing the brand strategies that ensure optimum growth and world classretail concepts. Ensures that all AK brands deliver best brand experience andwork closely with Operations to achieve the targeted locations, dates, salesand profit margin targets.

TheCBO will oversee the division’s functions including planning, buying, design,production, supply chain and retail brand standards, aligning closely withmarketing to ensure growth and appropriate customer engagement. You willdevelop, communicate and execute with the brand stake holders to ensure thatthe right process, infrastructure, systems, and procedures are in place. TheCBO reports directly to the Executive Board and is a member of EXCOM. 
Key Responsibilities:
Providing the strategic direction for all AK Fashion brands, working closely with direct reports to help develop the overall business strategy and ensure alignment with company goals
Planning and executing the brand agreed strategy that ensures optimum growth and world-class retail concepts, both online and offline, keeping future retail trends within all due diligence and strategic developments
Providing input to the Commercial Division to ensure that all AK brands deliver best brand experience, as well as, achieve the targeted sales and profit margins.
Develop and execute the multi-channel strategy along the brand’s marketing and communication strategy
Find and deliver growth options for the brands at regional and international level
Overseeing the division functional teams including but not limited  to buying, merchandising, design, supply chain and production
Developing clear brand focused marketing and communication strategies with Head of Marketing
 Continually looking at product awareness and education across AK group
 Ensuring that the right infrastructure, system, procedures are in place
Develop the succession planning and ensure the right team are in place aligning future growth
 Overseeing brand talents’ acquisition, development, and retention strategy and providing coaching and support to brand’s managers ensure its success and future growth.
Act as member of the management committee working closely with the brands stake holders to ensure that the right process is in place

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