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Merchandise Planning Director

Job Description (English)
The Retail Merchandise Planning Director is accountable for the budgets, margins, promotion, allocations, performance and location (physical and system) of stock.
Leads the identification of the most suitable product and marketing mix strategy for each Brand, to enable the organization to buy the right product at right price and sell it at right price by placing it on right time, at the right place, with the right promotion. Full OTB development cycle for our Private Label brands.
Duties and Responsibilities
  1. Budget and business plan developmetn for Private Label brands
  2. Buying, allocation, trading and sell through target achievements for all brands
  3. Leading the department and team performance to achieve the below esponsibilities:
    1. Make recommendations and decisions on stock movement, stock mix and pricing
    2. Make critical decision based off business reports-by retrieving sales and purchase data from the system in the specified and approved format.
    3. Monitoring and Maintaining the daily Sales Margin, MTD & YTD as per agreed business plan.
    4. SALE & other Promotions Planning, and its execution- Preparation of Discount file for each promotion.
    5. Visiting stores to cross check the implementation of agreed business plan.
    6. Regular Stock Movement Analysis and preparation of Stock Status Reports.
    7. Monitor Stock Level at each store
    8. Ensures sound allocation to minimize Terminal Stock rates
    9. Monitor sell through, sales mix of each product, at each store, suggest and execute corrective measures-e.g. Price Revision or Relevant Promotions on specific product, Dep’t etc .
    10. Uploading data of Products; Price; Promotions; allocation and reallocation in the system.
    11. Preparation of Daily/weekly/Monthly/Seasonal- Sales, Margin and STR reports.
    12. Survey of Competitor’s Marketing Mix Strategy- Product/Price/Promotions/ Placement strategy and suggest necessary corrective measures required in our Marketing Mix Strategy to get leverage over the competitors.
    13. Set the stores business plan with Growth.
    14. Insuring the business focused upon delivering BP sales, cost margin, profit And P&L.
    15. Accountable for brands strategy (discount price, rebate, Margin …etc.).
    16. Managing the (Transfer stocks between stores, DC and keep Communication with Brand & OPS to Controlling Stocks such as (Best Sales &Slow Mover) and analysis stocks performance and density in each store.
    17. Tracking the new shipments and follow up and make sure deliver and distribute to store according to the Launch Plan.
    18. weekly sales /stocks performance reports
    19. Monthly sales /stocks report with Action Plan
    20. Accountable for reviewing and check the placed order and make sure conformity with Rang Plan.
    21. set the promotional plan
    22. set liquidate plan for leftover stocks

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