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Area VM - Riyadh Stores

Job Description (English)

The Visual Merchandizer’s main responsibility is to work with stores’ supervisors and staff to lay out effective store and window displays within brand guidelines and in the assigned area. Delivering effectively across a number of stores, from instructions of the Sr Supervisor.


The VM will follow the visual merchandising standards of the brand, laying out stores and window displays. In addition, he/she will arrange merchandise, signage, fixtures, mannequins and backdrops, utilizing window packs, in-store layout guides, and equipment and fixture updates, coaching store teams how to prepare and support the major changes required and sell the products.

  • Delivering VM excellence across either a number of stores, or a major landmark store.


  • Performing appropriate display and merchandising to enhance sales and store’s window image and maximize attraction of customers into the stores taking into consideration the brand visual guidelines,the commercial calendar and the buying flow


  • Maintaining and enhancing proper windows' displays according to brands' image and season’s theme.


  • Delivering visual excellence reflecting brand essence as per brand guidelines


  • Arranging the most available space and complying with display mapping as per the set objectives and visual proposition


  • Originating display ideas and coordinating activities of staff engaged in laying and assembling displays
  • Arranging properties, furniture and merchandise according to prearranged plans


  • Coordinating with Store Supervisor in order to improve the visibility of slow moving items


  • Supervising the requisition and construction of decorative materials such as wood, plastic, paper and glass as needed


Training of in store team to support development and sales

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